alex/alexandra sofie jönsson

is a socially engaged artist, educator and organiser working with social praxis, pedagogy and feminist approaches to digital culture and public space.

Working collaboratively across formats of public intervention, participatory sculpture, new media, workshops, and performance, her work has been shown at Art Center Nabi (SKR), Tate Modern (UK), Kunsthal NORD (DK), Museum of Contemporary Commodities (UK). She is the co-founder of lím collective, a platform based in Aalborg exploring artistic practices at the intersections of health and care. She was a former organiser of Goldsmiths University collective The Open System Association, Autonomous Tech Fetish (ATF), and The Body Recovery Unit.

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Nappy Printing Healthcare Cutting

Nappy Printing Healthcare Cutting(2017)
Workshop in collaboration with Loes Bogers
Flyer, Loes Bogers

Exploring the potential of tactile and ‘imprecise’ visualisation techniques, this workshop introduces artistic with tools that allow us to look ‘underneath’ the data of healthcare, rather than at it, to tease out and discuss the social and political values of new healthcare governance.

Healthcare reform policies such as “Leading Change – Adding Value” (May 2016) show how healthcare is being remodelled according to measurable metrics, which rely on data produced by expecting mothers, new born babies and working midwives, while midwives and healthcare staff are asked to demonstrate their own value through data collection. But who harvests the value of these datasets, and with what benefits are healthcare being churned to numbers?

Public and free workshop, 5ht May 2017, Common House, London (UK).