alex/alexandra sofie jönsson

is a socially engaged artist, educator and organiser working with social praxis, pedagogy and feminist approaches to digital culture and public space.

Working collaboratively across formats of public intervention, participatory sculpture, new media, workshops, and performance, her work has been shown at Art Center Nabi (SKR), Tate Modern (UK), Kunsthal NORD (DK), Museum of Contemporary Commodities (UK). She is the co-founder of lím collective, a platform based in Aalborg exploring artistic practices at the intersections of health and care. She was a former organiser of Goldsmiths University collective The Open System Association, Autonomous Tech Fetish (ATF), and The Body Recovery Unit.

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Sculpture, Roskilde Festival, Denmark
Photo: Jenny Sundby

Circleness is an open source process to study care practices, safety and risks in the context of partying communities. In a series of workshops in spring 2023 with more than 70 people aged 16 to 30 worked on developing and reflecting on their party culture through social trust-exercises, movement and conversation. The purpose of the workshop process was to create an energetic space to practise being supported, trusting instincts, feeling own boundaries, and sensing  others' level of comfortability.  

Taking its foundation from principles of feminist care architecture where the relationship between  body, space and energy is thought of as a cornerstone for placemaking, one of the 70 visual trust walk  routes from the workshops is constructed as a wooden hang-out site engraved with knowledge from the workshops at Roskilde Festival 2023. The structure was built through building workshops with the building coop LogLadies, who specialise in construction training for cis-women, nonbinary and transpeople.  

Thanks to participating youth groups: Hjørring Gymnasium Arts Studies 1K, 2/3G, FLOKKR youth groups, and NEMA crew training.

The project is a collaboration with Rikke Bogetoft from NEMA and Lím Collective. It is kindly supported by UMMK, Roskilde Festival Fonden, Art Hub Copenhagen, and The Danish Arts Council.