alex/alexandra sofie jönsson

is a socially engaged artist, educator and organiser working with social praxis, pedagogy and feminist approaches to digital culture and public space.

Working collaboratively across formats of public intervention, participatory sculpture, new media, workshops, and performance, her work has been shown at Art Center Nabi (SKR), Tate Modern (UK), Kunsthal NORD (DK), Museum of Contemporary Commodities (UK). She is the co-founder of lím collective, a platform based in Aalborg exploring artistic practices at the intersections of health and care. She was a former organiser of Goldsmiths University collective The Open System Association, Autonomous Tech Fetish (ATF), and The Body Recovery Unit.

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Betty Ciphers Algorithmic Recipe Generator


Betty Ciphers Algorithmic Recipe Generator (2016)
AI meal and recipe
in collaboration with Cliff Hamett
The Museum of Contemporary Commodities,  Exeter (UK)

Betty Ciphers Algorithmic Recipe Generator is an experiment in industrial cooking anarchy powered by packaging data from the bin and human bodies. The work is created using disused food and drink packaging from the bins in local eateries in Exeter, and donated human footsteps from staff and customers wearing pedometers. The algorithm is programmed to use up 45,255 footsteps to write a 45,255 step recipe book which combines ingredients at random to create either bizarre delights or culinary chaos.

Kindly supported by local businesses in Exeter. A part of the Museum for Contemporary Commodities.