alex/alexandra sofie jönsson

is a socially engaged artist, educator and organiser working with social praxis, pedagogy and feminist approaches to digital culture and public space.

Working collaboratively across formats of public intervention, participatory sculpture, new media, workshops, and performance, her work has been shown at Art Center Nabi (SKR), Tate Modern (UK), Kunsthal NORD (DK), Museum of Contemporary Commodities (UK). She is the co-founder of lím collective, a platform based in Aalborg exploring artistic practices at the intersections of health and care. She was a former organiser of Goldsmiths University collective The Open System Association, Autonomous Tech Fetish (ATF), and The Body Recovery Unit.

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amodk (2022)
North Jutland, Denmark
conversation tool
Photo: Alex/Alexandra Sofie Jönsson

The project “atmospheric map of domestic knowledges” (amodk) is a conceptual artwork and a visual tool for conducting conversations about space, knowledge and power. amodk can highlight how latent knowledge hierarchies often underlie the way a room, institution or home is organized or decorated. The work stems from an intersectional feminist understanding of power, where knowledge and hierarchy are understood as created and maintained through spatial, bodily and social relations, objects and processes. The artwork consists of the publication of the production method for amodk, in the form of an open source digital application which can generate a design file from the amodk process. See the growing collection of community maps here.

amodk map example, 2024. 

The amodk method is being developed through
workshops and conversations with citizens, employees and relatives in the healthcare system exploring which architectures, spaces, routines, and objects that patients and citizens influence and which position the citizen’s own knowledge has in the medically and technologically defined health system.

The project is a collaboration with artist Cliff Hammett, designer Kamilla Mez, and community organisers Erica Figueiredo and Clara Viltoft. It is oranised by Lím Collective and kindly supported by KulturKanten Region North, Aalborg Muncipality and The Danish Arts Council.