alex/alexandra sofie jönsson

is a socially engaged artist, educator and organiser working with social praxis, pedagogy and feminist approaches to digital culture and public space.

Working collaboratively across formats of public intervention, participatory sculpture, new media, workshops, and performance, her work has been shown at Art Center Nabi (SKR), Tate Modern (UK), Kunsthal NORD (DK), Museum of Contemporary Commodities (UK). She is the co-founder of lím collective, a platform based in Aalborg exploring artistic practices at the intersections of health and care. She was a former organiser of Goldsmiths University collective The Open System Association, Autonomous Tech Fetish (ATF), and The Body Recovery Unit.

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Accumulative Care

Accumulative Care (2019)
Voice-over, Toyin Adeyinka 
London Gallery West, Westminster University
Photo: Jalaikon

Accumulative Care
is a four-piece care-installation with audio-relaxation exercises developed from conversations with digital workers such as data entry workers, content moderators, gamers, sex workers and influencers about their occupational health.

The relaxation exercises maps the work-specific ailments, pressure, stress, or pain of working in the digital economy. The installation explores how feminist and care-informed artistic methodologies present new ways to conceptualise the relationship between bodies and technology from a place of sentient experience rather than visual representation. The project examines the concepts of social and bodily risks associated with new forms of digital labour omitted in a digital discourse that forefronts shiny technical products, but nevertheless relies on exploitative chains of production that range from data producing child gamers, prosumers, influencers, and online sex workers, content moderators, data entry workers, metal miners, and hardware assembly workers. Using the format of care as the basis for the installation, the artistic practice present digital labour as a question of mental labour which frames the viewers body.

The project was kindly supported by the AHRC.